New instruments for reporter assay detection

Directly from Biotechniques Weekly (april 10)...

1) Rapid whole-animal imaging in infrared Experimental Biology
2008, San Diego, CA, Apr. 6—The Pearl Imager, due to be introduced by Li-Cor Biosciences (Lincoln, NE) in May, is a high-speed infrared imaging system designed for whole-animal studies. The small-footprint (41 x 41 x 66 cm) system takes less than 30 seconds to scan on three channels: 700 nm, 800 nm, and white with six logs of dynamic range. Pearl Imager includes a detachable mouse imaging bed equipped for heating and anesthesia. Li-Cor Biosciences

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2) Luminescent microscope
2008 Munich, Germany, Mar. 31—Olympus introduced the LV200 Luminoview Bio-luminescence microscope (BLM). The microscope features a specialized optical design to maximize light collection, enable dual-color luminescence, as well as provide brightfield and fluorescence overlays. The microscope provides bio-luminescence microscopy imaging for small organisms and slice cultures as well as at the single-cell scale. The microscope's optics are designed to provide the straightest path and shortest distance between the object and the camera, to ensure that as much light as possible reaches the CCD chip. The microscope is fitted with a fully controllable environment to enable long-term live cell imaging and is fully integrated with the company's imaging and analysis software. Olympus Life Science Europa GMBH

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