How many building blocks do you expect in a cell? Expectations that defined variation in the DNA blueprint would serve to pinpoint our whole inner biology was completely unfulfilled by the genome projects. To date, under the light of system biology, we can conceive at least 68 omics disciplines - would say Jamey Marth (HHMI) - DNA is just one character and there are 68 molecules that contribute to the synthesis and primary structures of the 4 fundamental macromolecular components of all cells (nucleic acids, proteins, glycans and lipids).

We need to take care of our 68 players in defining conceptual frameworks for biology. We are writing our periodic table of cell's building blocks.

Jamey D. Marth (2008). A unified vision of the building blocks of life Nature Cell Biology, 10 (9), 1015-1015 DOI: 10.1038/ncb0908-1015