Thanks God Science is not Hollywood

Some 30 months ago, I was eager to discover a site devoted to visualize current biological experiments for free. Unfortunately, maybe due to economical recession or whatever, my preferred site has quickly rejected the "free content" philosophy and started requiring a subscription fee to access the videos. I was (and I'm still) very disappointed. In those days, such a site published his 400th video-article, and wrote me a proud email inviting to:
publish your experimental methods in our journal to join your colleagues from Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, NIH and other leading institutions. Our film professionals are ready to come to your lab and film your procedures etcetera etc

Stop my dear, I will reject a Hollywood troupe too close to my bench until you certify it is RNase free. No time to play!

To date, I rather prefer taking low-quality videos with my chop cellphone and posting it on BenchFly. Oh, you can not find such a cool techniques like the turkey-mediated-supercazzula-pizzasequencing/MS, but if you recently changed the lab and you don't know how to pack such a strange semi-dry blot transfer apparatus (it's my case!) or if you look for a tip to load many gel samples, you are in the correct place. And I hope nobody will ask you money to proudly broadcast how to clean a rotavapor.

BenchFly discovered via Biodata, thanks!