study identifies genome-wide association studies as conserved and trendy

«Scientists use multiple research methods
to gather data and develop hypotheses»

«Scientists use a single trendy method
to get published in magazines»

Nature Genetics current issue (August 2010)
The locus 'genome-wide association study' and the locus 'identifies' are associated on the titles of Nature genetics articles, thus if you want to publish a 34.3 impact factor paper, it seems better to include those terms in your manuscript.

Please note that some aberrations are well tolerated by the editors:

the deletion:
genome-wide association study --> genome-wide study

the inversion:
gwa study identifies --> identified by gwa study

the insertion/translocation:
gwa study identifies --> gwa study of follicular lymphoma identifies

Best wishes as you prepare your manuscript for submission.

UPDATE (September 2010)
From my google reader, I took the titles of the last 4 months (May, Jun, Jul, Aug) and processed them for word occurrence analysis in wordle. Here the results:
Wordle: Nature Genetics table of contents