[literature] sex dimorphism & nuclear receptors

I'm working on a review about: 'gender differences in nuclear receptor regulated liver metabolic pathways'. It's quite a broad topic as there are 49 nuclear receptors! I started collecting some literature: I mined pubmed searching different declinations of each nuclear receptor (i.e., estrogen receptor OR ERalpha OR ERbeta OR ERa OR ERb OR ESR1 OR ESR2 OR NR3A1 OR NR3A2) occurring together with words semantically pointing to sexual dimorphism (i.e., estrogen receptor AND (sex OR sexual OR gender OR dimorphism OR disparity)). The resulting abstracts have been filtered for tissue (liver) and species (mammals) and were integrated with other papers of my knowledge dealing with the subject. I made available a final list of ~100 references as a Mendeley group. Feel free to add or comment papers, thanks.