Wrong lab projects

Ok, they are well-done. Technically and artistically, they are a good parody, and are brilliantly on target. However, I don’t like them. I don’t like Scientists hiting-off lady_gaga: should be lady_gaga mimicking the Scientists. I don’t like the idea that graduate students would be better in doing viral videos than in doing western blots. I don’t like the idea to be proud of it. I don’t like my suspect that eppendorf tubes and other minor reagents have been exploited for ‘projects’ other than those from which they were funded. I don’t like guys pretending to wear lab-coats in the lab: be intellectually honest, you don’t use them. And finally, why striving for a Cell paper? You will never have 750,000 people reading your cell paper, but you got them with a viral video in just one week. You are succesfull in video production, give up with Science. In other words, it is not a bad project, but a wrong lab-project (in my humble opinion).