trends in transgenesis [February 2011]

  • Easier Rat IVF. In vitro fertilization in rats is inconvenient and rarely adopted due to long and consequent working hours. A new protocol completing in 'working hours' is now available to facilitate embryo banking. [Aoto et al., Transgenic Research, February 2011].
  • A new Cre deleter. To efficiently obtain total deletion of your floxed alleles, it is now available a new total deleter obtained knocking Cre recombinase into the Stella locus. Stella (aka PGC7 or Dppa3) promoter is expressed as early as in the two-cells stage embryo till embryonic day 15 in the mouse. [Liu et al., Genesis, February 2011].
  • Genetic swapping. You plan to make a transgenic mouse to test a protein X? You might start with a X-GAL4 construct to test the ability of protein X to modulate GAL4-dependent UAS-luciferase expression. But then? With the new integrase swappable in vivo targeting element (InSITE) you could simply repurpose your transgenic by swapping in vivo the GAL4 sequence with any other one (i.e., IFP to localize protein X by infrared imaging; GST to pulldown X and make interactome proteomics). It is just matter to make some breedings. [Gohl et al., Nature Methods, February 2011]